(35mm format, 27 mins, UK/Iran 2011)

Synopsis: Aman works as a janitor in a luxurious residential high rise in Tehran, Iran. He silently observes the lives of the residents as he goes about his duties everyday. The time has come for him to get married back in his village. Wanting to impress his and the girl’s family, he decides to borrow his friends uniform and pose as a security guard in his village. But not everything goes as planned…

The Sound of Distances

(Digital, 18 mins, Iran 2008)

Synopsis: Two workers are tasked to deliver a heavy wooden door to the 19th floor of a luxurious apartment in Tehran. The lift is out of order and they are forced to take the stairs. The journey up the stairs becomes the journey of discovering distances.


(16mm Format, 3 mins, UK 2009)

Synopsis: A short film exercise I did as part of London Film School’s collaboration with the National Gallery in London. Students in second term were asked to make a short film inspired by a painting from the gallery.


Lost Tracks

Director: Jon Stanford

(S16mm Format, 22 mins, UK 2011)

Synopsis: Lost Tracks is a British drama set in rural Shropshire. The film explores the life of Tobi, a teenager disillusioned with family life, friends and the community around her. It follows the final days in Tobi’s preparations to run away and the unlikely friendship that develops with new girl Scarlett.

Love After Sunrise

Director: Hadi Ghandour

(Digital Format, 16 mins, UK 2011)

Synopsis: A hopeless romantic recounts how getting into a relationship with his ideal woman causes him to destroy the very thing he’s been longing for since he first discovered the opposite sex.

In Long Forgotten Fields

Director: Jon Stanford

(Digital Format, 18 mins, UK 2009)

Synopsis: In Long Forgotten Fields examines the lives of two teenage brothers growing up in rural Shropshire. With lyrical self-narration and beautiful rural settings the film uncovers each brothers ambitions, experiences and worries for the future. Through this poignant tale the brothers begin to rediscover their relationship to each other and the area in which they live.

Screened as part of the ‘Landscape and Memory’ programme at The London International Documentary Festival 2009

Music Videos:

Gregory – The Guilty Hands 

(Digital, 3 mins, UK 2010)

Synopsis: A no budget music video I shot and edited over one wintry cold night in London with The Guilty Hands

Camera Operator:


Director: Hadi Ghandour

(35mm Format, 10 mins, UK 2010)

Mort, a middle-manager at the Divine Bureau of Death , faces a troubled conscious and refuses to carry out his job of processing comas after his boss, Birdie, demands the indiscriminate killing of people due to an increase in world population.

Phone a friend

Director: Jon Stanford

(16mm Format, 4 mins, UK 2009)

Colin is waiting at Jim’s house. He is waiting for an important phone call; a call that could change both their lives forever. Jim is going on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ and Colin is his Phone a Friend. All Colin needs to do is wait, get the phone and answer the question. Easy……or so he thinks!

Nominated for the NAHEMI Student Short Award - Encounters Short Film Festival 2009